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Math Class

Plans & Pricing

We offer both small-group and one on one tutoring. Our small group tutoring costs $850 for 8 weeks. Our small group has no more than 5 students in each group. During that time frame, students receive two hours of tutoring each week and one additional hour of office hours. With two hours of tutoring and one hour of office hours, our hourly rate is $35 for a total of 24 hours of tutoring.


We also offer one on one tutoring for students online. For individual tutoring, the hourly rate is $60 an hour for 10 hours. The total would be $600 for 10 hours of tutoring.

One on One Online Tutoring

  • 10 hour Plan

    • $60/hr
    • 10 Hours of Online Tutoring
  • 20 Hour Plan

    • $55/hr
    • 20 Hours of Online Tutoring
  • 30 Hour Plan

    • $50/hr
    • 30 Hours of Online Tutoring