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Welcome to Create, Dream, Achieve Tutoring!

K-6 Virtual Tutoring

Math Exercises

One on One Tutoring

We create an individualized learning plan to help students meet their learning goals and excel in their academics. 

Children Using Tablets

Small Group Tutoring

Students can benefit from group tutoring. Seeing others ask questions and helping support each other is critical to their success. Our groups will be no bigger than 5 students.


Common Core Standards

Each week the lesson will cover the Common Core Math and ELA Standards. These standards are used throughout the United States.

Dollar Bills

Affordable Pricing

 Our tutoring costs less than local tutoring competition. Create, Dream, Achieve Tutoring accomplishes this without sacrificing quality instruction.

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All of our tutors are certified teachers with many years of experience. Each tutor tailors their lessons to the individual needs of each student.

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Personalized Learning Plan

Students will complete a Math or ELA Diagnostic before we start instruction! We will use this and other information to create a customized learning plan.

Math Formulas
The New York Times recently performed an investigation and found that "national testing reveals alarming decline in most students' Math and Reading skills." New Jersey proficianty rate is 39% which was lower than before. The article discusses the impact the pandemadic has made on learning.
The NY Times reported that studies had found small group tutoring to be an effective solution. "Frequent small group tutoring and doubling up on math classes are among the strategies that have shown promise." 

New York Times

How it Works

  1. Assess- We will first assess your child's strengths and weaknesses in Math and/or ELA, so we know where to start.

  2. Plan- We will develop a targeted learning plan for your child that focuses on core concepts. 

  3. Practice- Your child will practice the core concepts for their grade level!   

  4. Growth- We will provide testing to measure students' growth throughout the school year.  

Learning to Read
"Britini is a great teacher, very friendly and encouraging. She is patient with my child and comes up with ideas and strategies to help her progress. She has a methodical approach, tailored to the needs of my child and always tries to incorporate any suggestions that I have as a parent. She comes with well prepared lesson plans and we can see the thoughtful efforts she has put in to prepare it. Her calm demeanor, with great knowledge and experience has helped my child make a lot of progress.It feels good to see the genuine happiness of the teacher for your child's accomplishments and I am really grateful to have her as my child's teacher."

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