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Learning to Read

Are you ready to support your child's academic success and help them achieve their dreams?
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Be the parent who understands the intricacies of your school's curriculum and tracks your child's progress in core skills.
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Hello, Parents! I see your dedicated efforts in supporting your young learners.


You've scoured the internet for homework help, delved into countless YouTube tutorials, and engaged in conversations with teachers, all in the pursuit of piecing together where your learner stands and how to reach your desired goals.

Yet, it can feel like you've taken on an additional job on top of being a parent and managing everything else in your life.

Teaching is undeniably challenging, and the intricacies of curriculum standards can often be bewildering. With teachers juggling the needs of 20+ students and even more parents seeking answers, it's understandable that you might worry your learner isn't receiving the attention they truly deserve. But the thought of uprooting your life, relocating, and potentially encountering similar challenges in a different school district is daunting.

It seems like there's an endless list of tasks and so little time to accomplish them all.



  • New topics seem to emerge out of nowhere. One moment, they're tackling addition, and suddenly, it's all about multiplication. The pressure is on, and you're expected to grasp the 'new way' of solving these problems.

  • Your emails to teachers seem to languish in the abyss, with responses arriving long after assignments are due or tests are looming.

  • You've tirelessly researched and reached out to various tutoring services, only to be met with expensive upfront costs and no assessments or trial sessions for your child to test the waters.

  • Balancing school with clubs, sports, and family events feels like a huge challenge.

  • Precious moments with your children and family gatherings often take a backseat to the chaotic juggling act of school and the search for solutions.

  • Considering the hours you've invested in deciphering it all, you could practically have pursued a teaching degree by now.

And let's be brutally honest; there are days when you're this close to throwing in the towel on tutoring altogether.

If you're nodding your head right now, thinking, "Britini, you're hitting a little too close to home..

Then I'm thrilled that you've landed here to explore our program!

I've witnessed countless parents in your shoes, and I make you this PROMISE...




Your learner can find academic success all from the comfort of your home!

Take a moment to envision this scenario:

🌟 Picture waking up each day with the delight of knowing exactly what your child is studying in school and what lies ahead.

🌟 You possess not only an understanding of their educational journey but also an insight into their grasp of the subjects and areas where they could excel further.

🌟 Visualize having a knowledgeable companion to turn to, beyond your child's teacher, for any inquiries about the curriculum or lessons.

🌟 Imagine the simplicity of opening your computer, joining a Google Meet session, and effortlessly setting your child up for their learning experience.

🌟 Prior to the session, an email arrives detailing the upcoming content, followed by a summary post-session, providing you with an overview of their progress.

🌟 Furthermore, your tutor's expertise encompasses the educational terminology used by teachers, given their certification in the field.

Imagine being able to step back from constantly worrying about school material, only to realize that when you have all the information under control, you no longer dread it.

Instead, you love looking forward to what your learner will bring home to show you!

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Does that sound like the life you’re after?

Because that’s EXACTLY what’s waiting for you on the other side of:


Learning with Tablets


A virtual tutoring program where all of our tutors are certified teachers, ready to help you step back from the hassle and move toward your child's dreams of straight A’s.


My name is Britini!

I am a New Jersey Certified Teacher with years of teaching experience in grades K-6. With a true passion for helping students and a commitment to working with them at their individual levels, I have dedicated myself to fostering meaningful learning experiences.

The short version of my story is that I took my classroom experience and channeled it into creating this virtual K-6 tutoring program. Refining the formula over time, I brought in more certified Tutors to meet the growing demand. As a result, we have been able to assist numerous families in achieving their academic aspirations.

My approach is rooted in personalized education, where each student's unique strengths and challenges are acknowledged and addressed. By tailoring our teaching methods to accommodate different learning styles, we have witnessed remarkable progress and growth.

At the heart of our program is a genuine belief in the potential of every student. I firmly believe that with the right guidance and support, any academic goal can be achieved. 

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Here's Everything You Get When You Sign Up For  Our Tutoring Services

📖Complimentary Phone Consultation
🔢Complimentary Grade Level Assessment
📖Complimentary One-Hour Tutoring Session
🔢Versatile Tutoring Sessions Covering Homework, Current  Lessons, Future Lessons, and Test Preparation
📖Guidance from Certified Teachers Well-versed in the School System
🔢Session Recordings for Review and Learning Consolidation
Learning to Read
"Britini is a great teacher, very friendly and encouraging. She is patient with my child and comes up with ideas and strategies to help her progress. She has a methodical approach, tailored to the needs of my child and always tries to incorporate any suggestions that I have as a parent. She comes with well prepared lesson plans and we can see the thoughtful efforts she has put in to prepare it. Her calm demeanor, with great knowledge and experience has helped my child make a lot of progress.It feels good to see the genuine happiness of the teacher for your child's accomplishments and I am really grateful to have her as my child's teacher."
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"My children said Britini is the “ best tutor ever!” They weren’t wrong. I listened to the lessons and found nothing than excellence. Britini is VERY organized and breaks down complex topics down to the level that my children could understand. She makes learning English and Math fun for my children and they are always excited for lessons with her."


Submit The Application

Don’t stress about the idea of an application – this is simply my way of making sure that my tutoring program is the right fit for everyone who joins.

Applying also doesn’t commit you to anything! You still have the final say about whether to join or not.

So go ahead and hit the button below!


I'll Send You an Email!

As soon as I review your application, you'll receive an email and a call from me. This also opens up the opportunity for questions and provides any clarifying information you need to make your decision.


Choose Your Payment Plan & Get Going!

When your 100% sure, I’ll send over everything you need to get started including all payment plan information. All you have to do is choose the one that works best for you, and then, we can get started on achieving you and your learner's dreams

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